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Identify Lost Sales

Our unique approach to tracking and reporting on your call monitoring system will allow you to identify missed sales opportunities in all departments and ensure that your process improves.

Pinpoint Mishandled Calls

Our revolutionary process will allow your managers and associates to figure out exactly where calls are failing, allowing your team to grow its revenue potential and its effectiveness.

Monitor the Call Process

With our exceptional tools the departmental team will increase it’s productivity and effectiveness by an exponential degree, because the calls are monitored, graded and reported.

Measure Call Performance

Call performance is a critical metric which determines the overall profitability of your departmental teams. Our products ensure you are continually in charge of your team. When you measure performance, performance improves.

Real Time Alerts to Your Dept. Managers

Whenever a call is monitored our system will populate the customized Alert(s) that will be immediately sent to the departmental Manager(s) and Associate via e-mail or text.

Train the Staff and Management Team

We provide GoToMeetings for orientation and train the management team how to maintain the program.

Maintain On-Going Commitment to Skills Progress & Profit Growth

Your departmental processes can be continually improved by measuring and grading the calls and interactions that occur within your dealership depts.Our tools will ensure you do this with accuracy.

Analyze Lead and Call Handling With Superior Technology

Our software allows you to easily analyze the inbound calls to your dealership, and monitor the effectiveness of each call basedon a specific set of metrics.

Master the Art of the Telephone

With more than 90% of today’s automotive Customers electing to do their research and initial shopping via the internet it is critical that dealership employees master the art of the telephone. More now than at any time in the past the telephone is the main port of entry to the automobile dealership.

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