Focus on accountability & performance



What you get

You’ll get the facts and accurate reporting that will demonstrate how effectively your personnel are handling incoming calls.

You’ll get immediate results and your ROI will improve as you  focus your training on your underperforming team members.

Our Tools

State-of-the-Art TechnologyProven & Tested Techniques

  • Monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Training

Our Focus

  • Identify Lost Sales
  • Analyze Lead and Call Handling
  • Measure Call Performance
  • Monitor the Call Process
  • Train the Management Teams in all Departments
  • Maintain On-Going Commitment to Skill Improvement & Sales Growth in all Departments

Our Goals

  • Easy Implementation
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Provide Quantifiable ROI

Our Alerts

With Heads-Up!  Your mangers and associates will receive Real-Time Alerts whenever specific Alerts are identified in the call monitoring process. These Real-Time Alerts give your managers the information they need to follow up to save deals, generate more Sales, Service, and Body Shop appointments, and sell more retail Parts.


Our Reports

Our reporting will identify strengths and weaknesses in call handling and focus your training to improve phone skill sets, customer service and CSI – all leading to greater profits.

Our real-time online reporting is available 24/7.

  • Call Breakdown
  • Dealership Grading
  • Dashboard Reports – Customizable
  • Heads Up Alert Reports
  • Heads Up “Red Alerts” Reports
  • Call Detail & Follow Up Reports
  • Management Action Plan “Red Alerts
  • Multi Roof Top Composite Reporting
  • Individual Associates Reports

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